Thursday, February 7, 2013



         I like home decor. I am really bored sometimes to see the same cushions, bedspreads, curtains, or decorations in and around my home. I am a big fan of the dollar store. I never lose the opportunity to hang out there. I really find interesting stuff there for my crafts. Who does not like doing crafts which give awesome results and in less budget?

          I made this lamp shade today , keeping in mind that spring is coming! It took me only about 30 minutes or less to complete it.
  1. Swimming Pool Noodle-$1 available at dollar store in many colors.
  2. Snap blade Utility Knife/ X-Acto Knife-$1 available at dollar store.
  3. Hot glue sticks-$1 (packs available at dollar store)
  4. A ruler-$1 available at dollar store but I had it already at home.
  5. A Sharpie Marker.( I had it already at home).
  6. A Screw Driver-$1 available at dollar store but I had it already at home).
  7. An empty plastic cake box lid.(disposable one used here).

Step 1: I took a sharpie marker and marked at 1/2 inch intervals using a ruler. First I marked at 1 inch interval but they were too thick.So I then marked at 0.5 inch intervals and using an Utility Knife I cut them into slices placing on a hard surface or a cutting mat.It could cut very easily through the noodle. I cut 42 cirles of 0.5 inch thickness.                                                                
Step 2: I took a screw -driver and opened the screw of the light fixture dome. I measured the diameter of the dome which holds the bulb. I then took the plastic cake box lid which just lying as a waste around  in my kitchen. I marked a circle having the same diameter as the light fixture dome using a sharpie marker on the center of the lid. I then cut it out using the X-acto knife/Utility knife.           Step 3: I than began hot glueing all these rings in a row on the circumference of the cake lid in the order of 12 rings in the 1st row , 12 rings in the 2nd row , 12 rings in the 3rd row, and 6 rings in the 4th or last row in alternate positions.
Step 4: After the glueing was all done, I placed the whole shade on the dome and fixed it (screwed it) back in place . Now, I am so much in love with my new lamp-shade which has changed the look of my living room. I am just gonna put up some sheer lemon yellow net curtains and cushion covers in light yellow frilly satin! It is so much exciting!