Friday, January 30, 2015


Doesn't it look cool? Well, here is something that everyone would like to make. This is a simple and quick project. It will be appreciated by every person who sees it. It can be done not only by you but even by school going kids. The materials used are very simple. All you need is,
Materials Used:
  1. Cardboard box.
  2. Duct tape of your choice and color.
  3. Pair of scissors.
1. The pictures I share are enough to explain how it was done. Firstly, the base was covered. Each stripe was overlapped a little.

2. Then, the sides were covered. The reason to cover it is to make it sturdier and give it a new look. Moreover it has become water proof from outside too.
The same procedure was followed to make the second file organizer.

All set! All kinds of books or files can be organized  in just minutes! The joy of making these holds no limit! So, go ahead and organize yours too!
            Here is a extended version of organizing your stuff like your glasses, shades, wrist watches and even your mobile phones. I made a tray to hold all these stuff in just minutes and recycled a cardboard tray too.

So, let the fun to create these begin!