Thursday, December 13, 2012


So today finally I thought to start blogging.Thanks for stopping and looking. I just completed a necklace by upcycling an old T-shirt of mine which I just did not want to throw because of its lovely color. I wanted to make a flower brooch since long. So I took the opportunity to make both today when my kids are off to school, I began, completed and took pictures to show them to you all. Hope you will like them :-) Please feel free to leave your comments.
I have written the stepwise details to make it.
  1. Hot glue gun.
  2.  Few pearls/beads
  3.  Rotary cutter or a pair of scissors.
  4.  Cutting Mat.
  5. An old T-shirt.
  6. A piece of felt or stabilizer (3.5cm in diameter).
Step 1.
Lay the T-shirt flat on a cutting mat and cut horizontal stipes using a rotary blade or a pair of scissors. Stretch the strips, holding in both hands.Doing this will form a chord. Make 5-6 chords or as needed. 
 Hold all the chords together and tie them together with another chord.
 Step 3.Flower Brooch:
 Inorder to make the brooch, cut out 6 circles , each 8cm in diameter. Cut 6 smaller circles 5cm in diameter. On a piece of felt or a stabilizer, hot glue these circles in the order of larger circles first and smaller on top of them. Hot glue some pearls or beads on the center. One can attach a brooch pin at the back or directly hot glue this" Flower Brooch 'onto the joint or knot of the chords.
The chords on the other end should be gathered and tied by the single chord and use a opened out strip of fabric and hot glue to cover the knot or joint of the chords.

Your no-sew necklace is ready and can be your style-statement when worn.




  1. Nisha! What a beautiful start. Fell in love with the orange theme of your blog and the first entry is a super hit, now I need to hunt for a dark color T-Shirt.
    God Bless you and your creativity.

    1. Thank you Karuna.You are the person who has made me a blogger. I am really thankful for always motivating me and showing constant support!

  2. Wonderful and truly sasta tikau tips. Good stuff Nisha:-)

  3. Nice Job, Best from west !
    Hope i see more of ur creations further !
    Lovely Orange Theme, liked it .