Friday, December 28, 2012

Foam Craft- Snowman Door hanger.

Today I made a Snowman Door hanger using some Foam sheets. I thought of sharing the procedure of making it with you all. Hope you find the instructions easy  and love making it all by yourself.

Foam sheet (Red, white and black color).
Chenille stem (white ).
Sharpie marker ( Black permanent marker).
Paper punch to punch holes.
Hot glue gun.
  1. Mark the outlines and cut the shapes. 
  2. Using a sharpie marker, draw the dotted lines, eyes, mouth, eyebrows and the write-up.
  3. On a pencil or a pen wind up the chenille stem to make it spiral.
  4. Using a glue gun stick all the parts.
  5. Using a punch make hole in the snowflakes and join them using spiral chenille stems. To hang, attach a chenille stem on the hat too.
So, how is this guy?  My kids really want it to snow this year. They are eagerly waiting for snow to enjoy! I think it is a perfect idea to make this for them.