Friday, January 25, 2013


After a many days I got some idea , that is when I emptied an onion sac/bag in the kitchen today. Being purple in color, I thought my daughter will surely like it. The best part I like is, I found everything around in my house to work on this project. I did not buy anything from the store. When my daughter came back from school, she loved the surprise. 


  1. Empty onion sac/bag.
  2. Pink foam sheet.
  3. Ric-rac lace.
  4. Pair of clips.
  5. Hot glue gun.


Making these clips hardly took me 15-20 minutes. It is fun when you finish your project in no time. Everything is the magic of the glue gun......:) I guess I cannot live without it now. It saves me a lot of time. All I did was, I made a bow out of the onion sac and a rose with the foam sheet, stuck them with a glue gun.

This is how it looked on the back. Then attach the pink ric-rac lace on the edges of the bow and cover the clips with foam sheet of that shape and stick it using hot glue gun.
The result was a pair of beautiful clips as your hair accessory ,using some recycling and some left over stash in your craft room.


  1. proof that you can create beautiful stuff with ANYTHING if you set your mind to it! Love it!

    1. Yes, creativity lies within me.... My mind is all the time thinking about stuffs to be made! Thanks for your appreciation!