Thursday, March 13, 2014

Repurposing mac and cheese empty cardboard box.


         Today I got another idea to repurpose empty cartons. Though I had posted how to make organizers before but now I loved this one more as they are more stronger and these won't get faded with time and won't get dirty soon. It was way more faster to do this as I did not have to glue the papers each time.
          Here is the link of my previous post in which I had used construction paper instead of duct tape.
          All I needed to make these was an empty carton of Mac and cheese and some duct tape. I had two of these cartons at home but I am waiting for one more to accommodate in the third cubby of my desk. Actually I had covered the whole box in black printed duck tape. I ran short of it and had to buy a solid black duct tape to go with it. I was lucky that I ran out with the printed one, as this one looks more better with a solid black border. 
They really have become quite strong now and even kind of water-proof. I really tell this is a quick way to do, better than using paper and glue. I enjoyed doing it. If you have some old shoe boxes at home then you may start right away. But have enough of duct tape in hand so that you do not run short of it like me. Happy crafting!