Friday, February 8, 2013



This mirror reminds me of the fairy tale 'Snow White' in which the queen says "Mirror mirror on the wall , who is the fairest of all".

Supplies Needed:

  1. Mirror-$1 ( from dollar store).
  2. Candle Stand-$1 (from dollar store).
  3. Cardboard- ( had in hand from Pizza Box).
  4. Pearls/ Beads- 26 or 28.
  5. Can Tabs- 25 small and 1 large.
  6. Hot glue gun.
  7. E-6000 glue.
  8. A styrofoam white small ball or a rubber ball.
  9. Compass to draw circle.
  10. Ruler to measure the diameter of the mirror.
  11. Pair of scissor.
  12. X-Acto knife/Utility Knife-$1 (from dollar store)
  13. White acrylic paint and brush.                                              


I first measured the diameter of the mirror using a rule and calculated the radius. Using a compass I marked 0.5 cm extra than the size of the mirror.
I then began glueing the can tabs along the circunference using my hot glue gun. At the end I used a large can tab.
I used E-6000 glue to stick the mirror. I then hot glued pearls/beads in each hole of the can tab. I did not have styrofoam ball, so I took a rubber ball and painted it white using acrylic paint as it was orange colored. I put some glitter accents on it.

 I then used a Utility Knife and cut the ball half way.

 I made a bow using a sheer off-white glittering ribbon, fastened it in the center using thread and hot glued a pearl on it.

Using E-6000 glue, I glued the ball into the glass candle stand with the cut portion on the top. Then glued the largest can tab into the slot of the ball. On the top of the ball, I glued the bow and  Ta-Da!

I am loving the results!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Lately I have been drooling over Foam Craft sheets which I bought from the Dollar Store. After I bought them, I keep getting a lot of ideas in my mind to work with them. Here are few of the crafts that I did some time ago. I am sharing these with you ....They can be made quickly in 30 minutes or less and are easy to do.


  1. Foam Craft Sheets-$1 from the dollar store comes in assorted colors. 
  2. Hot glue gun- I had this already at home.
  3. Mini Glue sticks-$1 from the dollar store (pack of 20sticks). I have bought a lot and stored with me.
  4. For some crafts I used a Sharpie marker.
  5. Pair of scissors-$ 1 from dollar store.
  6. For some crafts I used crystals, and already cut foam sheet alphabets, piece of ribbon etc.
Some of the crafts are;
1. I made this door hanger for my son's room.
2. I made this door hanger for my daughter's room.
3.I made this for the main door to let the visitor's know if I am at home or not.
On the reverse side ,
4. Bag Tag or Luggage Tag for my daughter.
5. Photo Frame for my son.


               As Valentine Day is nearing, I thought of making a Valentine Basket. The craft is very simple and does not cost too much. I have used all the materials which I purchased from the dollar store. (I am a big fan of this store).This craft takes very less time , 30 minutes or less.

Materials Used:

  1. Floral Arranger (Styrofoam used in vases)-$1 from dollar store.
  2. Push pins -$1 from dollar store(comes in pack of colorful pins).
  3. Chenille Stems-$1 from dollar store. (comes in a pack of assorted colors).
  4.  Felt Pieces-$1 from dollar store.(comes in a pack of assorted colors).
  5. Red Curling Ribbon-$1 from dollar store ( from party favors aisle)
  6. Red streamers-$1 from dollar store (from party favor aisle)
  7. Red Beads. ( I already had these at home) Beads are also available at the dollar store in the crafts section.
  8. White glue-$1 from dollar store.
  9. Few Thumb Tacks-$1 from dollar store.
Red glitter glue-$1( for pack of 3 including gold and silver.)
Step 1. Put 16 pins on the top of the styrofoam floral arranger (on the outer circumference) and 16 pins on the bottom of the styrofoam floral arranger (on the outer circumference).
Step2.  I then covered the sides of the floral arranger with red streamer to cover the green color of the styrofoam.
Step3. I then took the curling ribbon and stared from tacking the ribbon with a thumb tack on the top surface and began winding it around a top pin and a bottom pin in ' figure 8' fashion.To give a denser effect, repeat the  procedure with a slant each time. I worked 3 rows. To end tack the ribbon with a thumb tack on the top surface.
Step4.  To cover the pins ,I tied around the pins a red chenille stem , one on the top and one on the bottom.
Step 3.  I covered the pins with red glitter glue as I did not have many red colored pins. You can omit this step if you have lot of red colored pins.
Step  4. Now to  hide the thumb tacks on the upper surface, I cut some felt fabric in a circular shape of the same size as that of the top part of the floral arranger. I stuck that on the top of the floral arranger using white glue.
Step5. I thought of making a beautiful handle for this Valentine Basket. For the handle, I took a red chenille stem and put some red beads at intervals. I inserted the handle inside the strofoam on two opposite ends.
         I think all will surely love the beautiful Valentine Basket you made to hold the Valentine Day Card!



         I like home decor. I am really bored sometimes to see the same cushions, bedspreads, curtains, or decorations in and around my home. I am a big fan of the dollar store. I never lose the opportunity to hang out there. I really find interesting stuff there for my crafts. Who does not like doing crafts which give awesome results and in less budget?

          I made this lamp shade today , keeping in mind that spring is coming! It took me only about 30 minutes or less to complete it.
  1. Swimming Pool Noodle-$1 available at dollar store in many colors.
  2. Snap blade Utility Knife/ X-Acto Knife-$1 available at dollar store.
  3. Hot glue sticks-$1 (packs available at dollar store)
  4. A ruler-$1 available at dollar store but I had it already at home.
  5. A Sharpie Marker.( I had it already at home).
  6. A Screw Driver-$1 available at dollar store but I had it already at home).
  7. An empty plastic cake box lid.(disposable one used here).

Step 1: I took a sharpie marker and marked at 1/2 inch intervals using a ruler. First I marked at 1 inch interval but they were too thick.So I then marked at 0.5 inch intervals and using an Utility Knife I cut them into slices placing on a hard surface or a cutting mat.It could cut very easily through the noodle. I cut 42 cirles of 0.5 inch thickness.                                                                
Step 2: I took a screw -driver and opened the screw of the light fixture dome. I measured the diameter of the dome which holds the bulb. I then took the plastic cake box lid which just lying as a waste around  in my kitchen. I marked a circle having the same diameter as the light fixture dome using a sharpie marker on the center of the lid. I then cut it out using the X-acto knife/Utility knife.           Step 3: I than began hot glueing all these rings in a row on the circumference of the cake lid in the order of 12 rings in the 1st row , 12 rings in the 2nd row , 12 rings in the 3rd row, and 6 rings in the 4th or last row in alternate positions.
Step 4: After the glueing was all done, I placed the whole shade on the dome and fixed it (screwed it) back in place . Now, I am so much in love with my new lamp-shade which has changed the look of my living room. I am just gonna put up some sheer lemon yellow net curtains and cushion covers in light yellow frilly satin! It is so much exciting!