Thursday, February 7, 2013


Lately I have been drooling over Foam Craft sheets which I bought from the Dollar Store. After I bought them, I keep getting a lot of ideas in my mind to work with them. Here are few of the crafts that I did some time ago. I am sharing these with you ....They can be made quickly in 30 minutes or less and are easy to do.


  1. Foam Craft Sheets-$1 from the dollar store comes in assorted colors. 
  2. Hot glue gun- I had this already at home.
  3. Mini Glue sticks-$1 from the dollar store (pack of 20sticks). I have bought a lot and stored with me.
  4. For some crafts I used a Sharpie marker.
  5. Pair of scissors-$ 1 from dollar store.
  6. For some crafts I used crystals, and already cut foam sheet alphabets, piece of ribbon etc.
Some of the crafts are;
1. I made this door hanger for my son's room.
2. I made this door hanger for my daughter's room.
3.I made this for the main door to let the visitor's know if I am at home or not.
On the reverse side ,
4. Bag Tag or Luggage Tag for my daughter.
5. Photo Frame for my son.


  1. So much fun stuff from foam sheets! They are awesome!

    1. Yeah! These are really fun foam sheets! Just go on creating..... there is no limit.... Thanks for your compliments!

  2. Hmm good craft Nisha....keep it up, u r the person who is really enjoying your qualification 

  3. With everything that you've made, it wasn't really obvious that you're addicted to foam crafts. Haha! In all fairness, they all look fantastic, especially with the door hangers! I'm sure your children loved it. They have all the reason to stop before they really enter their bedroom. The door hangers look adorable in their own way!