Monday, September 30, 2013



My son, who is a 5th grader now, is allowed to use binders this year. He has to carry them daily to school. It has sharp corners which may tear the bag at the bottom within some days. As we all know the famous saying ' A stitch in time saves nine', I thought of making a 'binder sleeve' or 'binder case/cover' to hold the binder and prevent the tearing of bag as well. I had so many ideas for a girl's binder but had to think for ideas and colors for a boy. So I chose black fabric, quilted it and made an appliqué of a bike on the center, attached a contrasting red colored zipper to add some brightness as well.




Here is a fall season craft, which hardly costs anything!

All that you need is.... 
1. An empty muffin cardboard box.
2. A wire clothe hanger.
3. Glue gun and glue sticks.
4. Water colors and a brush.
5. Glitter pen.
6. A string or a piece of ribbon.

Step 1: Cut the muffin box, then cut out the shapes of fall leaves from them.

Step 2: Using water colors of the hues of red, yellow, brown and green, paint all the leaves using a brush. Let them dry.
Step 3: Add some veins using brown color and try to paint it quite natural.
 Step 4: Actually the  wire hanger was very thin. So I took a sheet of large white paper and rolled it into a tube and tied it around the hanger using a string and painted it orange color using up the left over colors. I forgot to take pictures of this part. Later, I stuck the leaves onto it using hot glue.
Step 5: I took a brown colored construction sheet and cut a tag out of it. I jotted down 'WELCOME' on it using glitter pens and markers. I hung it using a paper string from the back on the hanger.
Step 6: It is a perfect door decor for the fall season and at almost no cost! It is easy to craft and fun too! You can make your little ones busy for the coloring part.They will surely enjoy helping you! Happy crafting!