Friday, April 26, 2013




Since long time I had been collecting some Lay's Stax Chips Cans. I had a lot of them sitting in my closet. I wanted to use them in some way or the other. I had a wooden shelving unit whose one pillar had broken as it was made out of plastic. It was lying in the store room and my hubby was about to throw it out of the house thinking it was just a waste now. I did not let him do that, as I had an idea in my mind! And to me, nothing is waste!
 I then used these Lay's Stax Chips Cans as the pillars to support the shelves. All I needed to do this were 8 large sized bolts and 8 nuts. That's all.... I just heated an unwanted large bolt and pierced it into the can's lids and the bottom to make holes in them initially. I then put the bolts through them and the shelves and then just tightened them. One can cover these cans with glossy papers or shelf liners or modpodge their favorite scrapbook papers too. I left it as it is. Now, you can use it anywhere in the house.... Make it a book shelf, or a toy shelf with organizing bins, or a shoe-rack etc. It is multipurpose shelf!

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  1. THANK YOU! I have 2 of these containers that were in my granddaughters bedroom ( we found them when cleaning her room out for the first time in about 4 months!). I knew I could use them in crafting (maybe as weighted flower vases), but I wanted a fresh idea. I never thought of using them to make shelves, but this is EXACTLY what I need in my crafting area! All I need to do now is buy more cans of these (divvy up the chips into ziplock bags for family lunches and snacks) and use these cans for the shelves I need. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting YOUR craft! :)