Tuesday, December 23, 2014


You might be thinking about how did I make these? Well, actually these are made out of an old shirt of my daughter which was outgrown. I loved the snow flake pattern and the color of the fabric and could not resist making these. The fabric seemed just perfect for Christmas.

I had the pattern but it was used just as a guidance as I needed a larger stocking. Here is the pattern for the smaller stocking. I kept lot of margin and then marked with a chalk on the fabric. I used a pair of scissor to cut it. I would like to thank www.ericacatarina.blogspot.com.br for the pattern.

To make these all I did was I first removed all the borders and cut the seams in order to separate the sleeves.

I then placed the pattern on the reverse side of the fabric and used a chalk to mark the shape of the stocking.

After cutting it looked like the picture shown below.
I thought of making two of them for both of my kids as I had sufficient fabric also for two. One was a little longer than the other. but it hardly mattered. Luckily, I had some white felt also at home. so I thought to give them a white border and I cut red strips for each of them for hanging them near the fireplace too.
The next thing was to stitch them using a sewing machine. That just took me few minutes.

I used zigzag stitch at the edges because of two reasons, so that the threads would not fray and also the fabric was too thick and despite keeping the stitch length 5, the stitches were coming too minute and close. I am sorry for the different color brightness of the pictures as they were taken at different times of the day and stitching was done in the night.Once the stitching was done, I then attached a strip to the inner side to hang or suspend the stockings near the fire place.
I now wish to personalize them. You may monogram yours or personalize or simply put your initials or embroider yours. This is how one can make a Christmas stocking in just a few minutes at no extra cost. Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 12, 2014



Today I am posting after many months. I shouldn't say that I did not do any crafting all these days, but I simply did not find time to post them. I will gradually post all of them one by one. Today I did a quick remaking of my coasters. It is a simple project and takes hardly few minutes.
 Here is a picture of what they looked like before their remaking. I had four of such coasters.
Step 1. The cork layer started to come off. So, I just took it off completely from all the four coasters.
Step 2. Then I took red colored foam sheet and marked out the inner diameter and cut out four circles of red foam sheet using a pair of scissors.

Step 3. All I had to do was use some glue dots and paste the red circles inside the plastic ones. Voila!!
They look amazing just as new. I made it coordinating with my couch. You may choose your favorite colors or have several colored circles cut out handy and keep changing according to the season or occasion. Try it out!