Friday, May 9, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Ideas


              I decided to give pencils to the teacher as gift for 'Teacher Appreciation Week'. We had to give some classroom supplies to the teacher, so I thought to give out pencils as they are frequently used and lost by kids. So I took an empty Pringles box of chips and thought of using it to make the 'Jumbo Pencil Box'. I covered it using yellow, pink and brown construction paper. I stuck it with Elmer's glue. I took a shining silver ribbon and hot glued it on the joint of pink and yellow paper. I colored the tip of the Jumbo pencil using a black Sharpie marker. I wrote the name of the class teacher on the sides and wrote No. 1. On the tag, I wrote 'Pencils are No.2 but teacher you are No.1'.
              This is how the Jumbo Pencil turned out!