Monday, October 26, 2015


Today I am sharing again with you something to create best out of waste, which was made nearly 2 years ago. I love churning out beautiful useful things from unwanted stuff at home. I made this display stand for my bracelets or bangles which really needed some organized place. Now they are so handy and I can choose easily what I need to wear. Hope you like it!
Things needed:
1. Cardboard foil tubes-2
2. Waste small cardboard box.
3. Drawer knobs-2
4.  Foam sheets.
5. Zig-zag cutting scissors.
6. Hot glue.
Step 1. Measure the cardboard box and make a paper cutting for the 4 sides. Mark the position for the cardboard tube for the top.

Step 2. Take empty waste cardboard foil tube and make a hole in the center of one tube and insert the second tube in the first.
Step 3. Once a T-shape is formed, make a hole in the cardboard box in the center. Insert the T-shape into the hole in the box and hot glue it around.

Step 4. Cut foam sheet by placing the paper cutting and hot glue the foam sheet on the box and also on the cardboard tube.

Step 5. Paste the two drawer knobs into the two holes of the cardboard tube using hot glue.

Step 6. For finishing the edges, contrast color foam sheet was cut into one inch wide strips using zig-zag scissors. These contrast color strips were hot glued on the edges.

My bangles and bracelets remain in one place organized and I can quickly choose what to wear! This is a project made with waste materials at home. I spent nothing on this. I had every material at home. Hope you love it and try making it by yourself! If you do make, don't forget to post me the pictures of yours!! I would love to see it!

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